Thursday, July 23, 2009


So this is my second post and first post now that I am in Germany. . .

The plane ride was nice...I popped 2 Dramamine and slept like a baby for about 7 hours of the 16 hour plane ride. If I wasnt sleeping I was eating. I sat next to a guy who was really nice and talked just the right amount...enough that it isnt awkward but not so much that I coudnt sleep. Us military people know those line farely well I think.

The guy next to me woke me up as we were flying into Germany. It was so far from what I expected. It was absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, amazing I was totally mesmerized by it. It was a pretty clear and sunny day and the hills were just lit up by the sunlight. Eveything was so green and open it was like a weight was lifted off my chest, like I could breath better seeing all that open space or something. I had a misperception about what Germany looked like. I thought it was going to be buildings and buildings and houses and houses but really it isnt. It is so strange though they have all this open space but then they have a bunch of villages that just sort of look all clumped together. It looks like a bunch of ant hills!

I have had some fun since I have been here. I went out for my first time last night with my friend Gambino and her sisters friend. Let me give you some background on Gambino, she and I had the same flight through basic training, then we had the same tech school and now we are living in Germany together! She is a lot like me, from Wisconsin, immature, and really fun to hang with. So I am pretty glad that she is here!.

Another awesome note the drinking age on base is 18...didnt know that! So last night when we went out to Chilis for dinner I had a Margarita...I tried to make it look like I knew what I was doing but really I just randomly picked one with a cool name. It ended up being great though lol! Then we went to the bar and had a couple drinks. That I was good at! I have had enough drinking experience to be able to handle a bar.

Tonight me and Gambino and Drew, the one we went out with last night, are making spaghetti, garlic bread, and drinking a prestigous wine that I picked out and sampled and everything...I feel pretty cool here :). So yeah not too much a happenin. but I am going out this weekend and I am going to get good and rowdy and will take pictures and post them on my facebook and myspace...maybe a couple here if I can figure it out. I just really need like a tutorial or something. I will write back soon!!!

Auf Wiedersehen


  1. What was the "prestigious" wine?

  2. Yay for the details! I am so glad you're so optomistic about living there. I know you will have a great time and meet so many different people from varied backgrounds. Have fun and suck it all in! :) (And yay for homemade food!)

  3. Hooray for your blog!! Hehe I looooove it AND you AND I miss you AND I am happy to hear you're having fun!!!