Monday, July 20, 2009

Off to Germany! first Blog, 'nuff said.
I am at the Airport right now waiting to go to Germany. I am in the AF as many of you know and will be living there for the next 2 years. I couldnt be more excited. I thought that I would be a lot more nervous and scared, being 19 and leaving home and all. But in the end I just keep looking at how amazing this is. I am a dental assitant in the USAF and living in Germany I cant see my life getting much better.

I have a lot of things planned for when I go to Germany and any other input would be awesome. I know I will be traveling all over, I mean literally ALL OVER. I am planning on taking a trip to UAE to visit my sister Sydney, and I have friends in Germany and England too. Travel is going to be my main thing. I just probably would have never seen anything but Coeur d' Alene, ID if I hadnt joined the AF so I am taking everything out of this experience.

Let me just say, as a side note...I hate Airplanes. I would jump in a fighter jet any day and love it to pieces but I absolutely hate commercial aircrafts. I left out of Spokane at 7 yesterday my final destination being Baltimore. My first stop...Seattle. Now, I know I am not really a genius, close but not really, and geography was never my best subject...but I do know, for a fact, that Seattle is in the WRONG direction. Not only do I not like Airplanes but I do not like "flying" everything about it. Stewartesses (whatever lol), other passengers, Airports, screaming children. So II am always hesitant when knowing that I have to fly somewhere. This last trip really wasnt so bad though other than being in airports for a day and a half....

See, I do not like WASHINGTON I mean the whole state. I have found positives here and there about it but I mean...the people, the sports, the weather...not for me. So I am not only pissed that I flew the worng direction from Baltimore but I am also pissed simply because I am in Seattle. The greatest thing about military life, you can make friends everywhere you go. One woman that was from Chicago bought my meal for me...they say dont be surprised, that kind of thing happens all the time blahzy blahzy blahzy, but really? How can I ever get used to a total strangers out of the goodness of their hearts saying thank you for serving I would like to buy this meal for you? Then in that same vacinity there were 3 guys that were in the National Guard. I didnt really know anything about the National Guard so it was very interesting sitting and talking with them too. Then when I got on the plane I sat next a guy who is in the Army and we had a good old time talking and laughing and just engaging in general conversation. If I could give advice to anyone it would be talk to strangers sometimes. Put yourself out there. You truly never know who you will meet.

So although I am stuck in Baltimore for 9 hours and then have a 16 hour plane ride to Germany I am still remaining optimistic because my trip has been mentally stimulating, and really who knows who I will meet next. I guess I just stop writing at some point but I dont really like that. I need a sign off or something, stand by I will come up with one for the next Blog. :) Next stop Germany!


  1. Oh hooray! You are the master of the universe and I am so glad you finally started a blog! I'm adding it to my reading list and I can't wait to see what life has in store for you in the near (and distant) future! Take it all in and enjoy it! You're making life long memories!

    I love you!

  2. You are already doing a great job representing our country and we know you will be our best representive that the AIR FORCE has ever had! Keep up the good work, and we know you are going to do great in your life, no matter what or where you go! Keep up on your blog and keep all of us here in the good old USA informed of all your experiences. We love you SO MUCH and we are VERY PROUD OF YOU and always will be! GO JUSTINE....experience all you can while you are "touring" the world with the Air Force! Stay safe and have a great time. Know we think of you daily (and Sydney, too) while you are away from us. Love, love, love, love...YOU!! Kisses and hugs...Mimi and Papa

  3. Best of luck - it sounds like you are off to a great start! Shoulda called me when you were in Seattle....... :( I would have loved to see you before you left the country! Keep us posted on all your adventures. I've added you to my blog list. Love you!